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Carbon Fibre Heat Tubes
carbon fibre heater tubes

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Branching out into OEM manufacturing, with capabilities of manufacturing a custom lamp shade designs, patio heaters, and also the ability to supply our patented carbon fibre for other uses

Carbon Fibre heater - light showcased in Melbourne, Australia's 'Home & Living Exhibition 2008'

Featured in sustainable living magazine

Success in the application of a number of patents protected our unique technology used in our carbon fibre elements

Infared Heater

Carbon Fibre Heaters: Our Carbon fibre heater lights state of the art composite patented technology, to provide a functional, good looking light and heater in one unit, along with the product provide health benefits to it's users.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Non-rust
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Health benefits provided from the near infra red rays
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Contemporary designs, elegant style and finish
  • OEM designs and products available
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Manufacturers of carbon fiber heat tubes

Heat  ·  Light  ·  Energy Efficient  ·  Healthy

This high-tech product has been developed using carbon-fibre heat tubes, design tailored towards environmental protection and energy saving. Our lamps are able to provide as much as 30% in energy savings, and provide beneficial health from the infrared heat.
Carbon Fibre Patio Heaters Carbon Fibre Heat Light Heater Light Infra red heater light
bathroom heater light carbon fiber element infrared heater tube carbon fiber heater tube

A wide range of possible uses include use in beautification appliances, microwave ovens, F-IFR therapeutic devices, printing devices, ovens, industrial ovens, toasters, electric heaters, etc

About us

Our Company, Hangfai Resource Development is a company dedicated to researching, developing and manufacturing earth friendly products for both commercial and consumer use. We hope to bring about increased consumer awareness of their impact on the environment through quality, affordable and practical environmentally friendly alternatives.

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